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How to get a US phone number

One of the requirements to be registered SEVIS as a continued attendance student is to have a US phone number and a US address. This will prove to the Department of Homeland Security that you are settled, attending school, and progressing on the purpose of your student visa.

The International Programs Office has looked for an easy, economic, and great-quality option for new incoming international students.

Initial students will receive a free SIM card from Mint Mobile as part of their Welcome Packet during Orientation Meeting, or as soon as they arrive in the country if they stop by our office in Plant Hall Room 300 and ask for it.

This SIM card will need to be activated online. You will need to download the app for iPhone or  Android on your unlocked phone or go to, and immediately you will have a US phone number with a basic plan free for the first month.

If you come with dependants, please inform your International Student Advisor so they can give you free SIM cards for them as well.

You will find all information related to plans, prices, advantages, and compatible phones at


In case you don't like Mint Mobile and want to switch to another phone carrier, most carriers will let you keep your number when switching.

There are advantages to having a store near campus, and that is the case of AT&T. They advertise waived deposits, UT student discounts on postpaid rate plans, and high-end phones like iPhone 13 series and Samsung S22 series. Check their plans here, and their long-distance plans here.

Whatever you decide, you should do your own research if you are not pleased with Mint Mobile services, because you are free to switch any time.