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SEVIS Transfer Out

All students in F-1 student status have only one record in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). Only one school at a time can access your student record. If you wish to leave the University of Tampa and transfer to another institution, you must complete the SEVIS Transfer Out request online, which officially informs us of your intent and allows us to update your SEVIS record for release to your new institution.

SEVIS Transfer Out Eligibility Requirements
  1. You must be maintaining legal F-1 status.
  2. You must request transfer within 60 days of your program or OPT completion.
  3. The program at the new institution must start within 5 months of your last day at UT or your last day on OPT.
  4. You may only transfer your SEVIS record to one institution, and the institution must be Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) certified to be eligible to accept F-1 students (list available here).

If the period between programs is more than 5 months, your SEVIS record cannot be transferred and you must depart the US within your 60-day grace period. The new school must issue you a new Initial I-20 with a new SEVIS number. You may, then, re-enter the US no earlier than 30 days before your new program start date on your new Initial I-20.

SEVIS Transfer Out Request Requirements
  1. Complete a SEVIS Transfer Out request via your online profile in the Request & Document Center which will require the following:
    (Note - Students can use their spartans login information to apply. Alumni on OPT must go to and click "Email Login" and use their personal email to log in to apply).
    1. Copy of your acceptance letter to new U.S. institution which includes your initial semester/term and start date.
    2. SEVIS school code of your new institution. You will be able to find this on the Transfer Clearance Form you may receive from your new institution, or you can request this from the international admissions counselor at your new institution.
    3. Requested "transfer release date", which will be the date UT will release your record to your new institution. The date must be based on your program, employment, and/or travel plans.
      • Release date must be before classes begin at your new school.
      • If you are in your 60-day grace period following graduation or OPT, the release date must be before your grace period ends.
      • If you are currently on OPT, it must be at least one day after your employment has ended.
        • If your OPT is still valid, transferring your SEVIS record to another institution will automatically end your work authorization. If you are currently employed on valid OPT, you must stop working at least one day before the release date and update your SEVP Portal Account with your employment end date. 
        • If you are currently unemployed on OPT, the release date must be before your reach your 90-days of unemployment limit. 
      • If you are currently enrolled at UT, it must be at least one day after the end of the current semester. Check the UT academic calendar to see the last day of classes for the semester. If you are transferring before you graduate from UT, you must also submit your Withdrawal from UT Form to the Academic Advising Office to request official withdraw from UT.
If you need assistance determining an appropriate SEVIS transfer release date, contact to your International Student Advisor before submitting your request.

SEVIS Transfer Out Process
  • Your SEVIS record will be electronically released to your new institution on the agreed upon transfer release date. If you change your mind, contact UT before that date to request it to be cancelled.
  • Once released, your new institution will issue you a "transfer pending" I-20.
  • You must check in at the new institution within 15 days of the program start date on your new I-20. Once you have checked-in, your new institution will complete your F-1 transfer in SEVIS.
  • Students who wish to cancel the transfer of the SEVIS record must notify their international advisor at least 5-10 business days before the transfer release date; once the transfer release date occurs, IPO will no longer have access to the SEVIS record.

Travel and Employment Guidance During Transfer Process
  • During the transfer process, you are eligible to remain in the U.S. in the summer or winter break between the two programs.
  • You may travel outside the U.S. during the transfer pending period. If your current F-1 visa is still valid, you can use it to re-enter the U.S. prior to the start of your new program using the I-20 from your new school. See our Visa Information and Travel Information page for more information.
  • For current students, on-campus employment benefits end on the end date of your I-20. If you transfer out before this date, your on-campus employment benefits end as of your transfer release date. Note: you are only eligible for on-campus employment at UT during summer if you are either enrolled in summer classes or plan to enroll in fall semester full-time.
  • For students on CPT (internship), OPT/STEM OPT, or severe economic hardship: all employment must end before the SEVIS record is transferred to the new institution. Once your SEVIS record is transferred, any work authorization through UT is automatically cancelled.