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How To Print Your Health Insurance ID Card

You can click this link to access the United Student Health Care Flyer or you can read the information below.

For more information about the UT student health insurance plan, please see the website here.

United Health Care Student Resources (UHCSR) Online Registration 

Follow these steps to access your health plan and print your health insurance ID card:
  1. Go to web address
  2. Click on “Find My School’s Plan”.
  3. Enter University of Tampa in the “School/Association Name” Field, then click on the search result “Univ. of Tampa”.
  4. The page will direct you to the plan brochures where you will find the details of your plan.
  5. To create an online account, click “Create an Account” on the menu.
  6. Enter the information requested and click “continue”. Be sure to enter your UT related information in this section:
  7. You have now created your account on the UHCSR website.
  8. Go to web address
  9. Click “Login To My Account” and enter the username and password you created.
  10. The page will direct you to your plan information.
You can now view claims, update your personal information, and request/print a permanent ID card.
  • If you print an ID card, you are able to use it immediately for medical coverage per your plan details.
  • If you request a permanent ID card, one will be mailed to the address noted on your account.