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The visa is a color sticker pasted into your passport by the US embassy or consulate abroad. It shows the classification status you will have when you're admitted to the US.

If your visa has expired and you're planning to travel outside the US, you'll need to renew your visa. F-1 visas can't be renewed from within the US. Your F-1 visa is allowed to be expired while you remain in the US as long as you are maintaining your valid F-1 visa status.

Your visa will contain:
  • Identifying information to match the information on your passport photo ID page (name, birth date, passport number, etc.)
  • The type or class (F-1 or J-1) in which you plan to enter the US
  • The number of times you are permitted to request entry to the US (M multiple or S single)
  • An expiration date
  • The institution you will attend (should say University of Tampa unless your transferred from another US institution)
  • Notification of whether or not you will be subject to other immigration regulations (e.g., two-year home residency requirement)

US Visa Example

Visa Sample