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Update Your Address and Phone Numbers

SEVIS Address and Phone Number Requirements
International students are required to maintain the following for your Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) immigration records. UT is required to report the following to US immigration officials and cannot activate your SEVIS record or F-1 visa status without these in your file:
  1. Your physical US primary local address
  2. Your foreign home "international permanent" address outside the US
  3. Your US phone number
  4. Your foreign phone number
Important: SEVIS requires you to update these within 10 days of moving or any changes.

Instructions for Updating your Contact Information in Workday
Click here for detailed instructions with screenshots, or click here for a PDF: How To Update Addresses and Phone Numbers in Workday. Or find basic instructions below:
  1. Log in to your MyUTampa 
  2. Select the Workday icon
  3. Select the cloud in the upper right-hand corner and select *View Profile.
    *Note: Students who are also Student Workers will have two profiles (Worker and Student) – select the Student profile.
  4. Select Contact (on the left-hand side of the screen).
  5. While on the Contact tab select Edit, or use the Add button to add an additional contact.
  6. For your US local address, you must make sure that usage type “Primary Local Address” is checked. This CANNOT be a post office (PO) box address. Each address can be assigned multiple usages.
    1. Note for students living OFF-CAMPUS, please see address format requirements below.
    2. Note for students living ON-CAMPUS: you do not need to update the primary location address in Workday, your housing information is updated automatically by Residence Life. If you later move off-campus you will need to update this information within 10 days of moving according to the instructions above.
  7. For your international address outside the US, you must make sure that usage type “International Permanent” is checked. Each address can be assigned multiple usages.
  8. If entering an international address outside the US that gives you an option to enter your local script that is not English, you must check the “Enter Western Script” box and enter your address in English in the required fields.
  9. After adding or changing contact information select the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

Off-Campus US Address Format Requirements
This must be your physical address where you live, it cannot be a Post Office box.
Street Address:
  • Type your Street number THEN Street name THEN Apartment number
  • For example: 1234 University Terrace North APT 123
  • If you have an apartment or unit number you must include it.
  • Please do not use any periods or special characters.
  • Do not use the name of your apartment complex (Ex: Hyde Park Flats, Bell Channelside).
  • If you live in a suburb outside of Tampa (for example: Riverview, Temple Terrace, St Petersburg), you must enter the name of that city rather than simply Tampa.
  • FL for Florida
Zip Code:
  • Zip code length is 5 numbers. For example, the on-campus zip code is 33606.