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How To Sign Up For Text Alerts from IPO

You may sign up to receive text messages for emergency or urgent situations from the Office of International Programs (IPO).
You would only receive a text message from IPO in situations that may affect your health and wellbeing, or situations that impact your ability to remain in the US, such as:
  • Emergency response notifications (Hurricanes, etc.) tailored to international students
  • Your SEVIS immigration record and F-1 visa status has been terminated
  • Your F-1 visa status is about to expire due to one of the following:
    • Notice that your Form I-20 is about to expire
    • Notice for students on OPT that you are about to reach 90 day unemployment limit
There may be charges for receiving these messages depending on your cell phone plan.

  1. Log in to your MyUTampa
  2. Select Terra Dotta: TDS for International Students and Scholars
  3. From your Applicant/User Home Page, in your “Profile” section, click the “Edit Profile” button
  4. In the line “SMS 9 (mobile text) Phone Number”:
    1. Enter your mobile phone number
    2. Select your mobile carrier
    3. Click the “Test” button to check functionality
    4. International numbers can be used if your international carrier provides a domain name to which SMS messages can be sent via email. For these carriers, choose “other” under mobile carrier drop-down and also enter the domain name in the field that pops-up
  5. Click the “Update” button

Please note: these messages from IPO will be specific to international students only, and are different from the UT Spartan Mobile Alert (SMART) messaging service. We encourage you to sign up for SMART as well for general UT emergency messaging.